Stage III

 STAGE III - Experimenting and optimizing the model of space and time distribution of pesticides and heavy metals in environmental media in the investigated rural areas (Sălişte şi Copşa Mica) - cu link de la pagina results

Preliminary results:

  • Database with the legislation applied within European Union regarding the biological screening in lead exposure and also the use of pesticides;
  • Databases with the values of the heavy metals and pesticides concentrations measured in environmental media;
  • Databases containing information about the exposure to heavy metals and pesticides, collected through the questionnaires;
  • Estimation model of lead exposure from air, water, soil, dust , food, paints and other sources and prediction of the blood lead level in children, based on the US Environmental Protection Agency model - IEUBK;
  • Methodology for indirect assessment of population groups exposure to lead and cadmium in Copşa Mică area and pesticides in Sălişte area;
  • Methodology for direct assessment of the exposure using human dosimetry;
  • One study of public need and national interest;