Stage II

 STAGE II - Elaboration of the experimental model for the analytical approach and the types of studies that are to be defined, used and integrated in the complex programs ensuring the quality and security of the environment in specific rural areas contaminated with pesticides and heavy metals - cu link de la pagina results

Preliminary results:

  • Integrated, modern and advanced methodologies of investigation;
  • Integrated health and environment assessment models;
  • Sampling methodology and quality control;
  • Sampling and analysis methodologies of the distribution of pesticides and heavy metals in rural areas;
  • Experimental model of integrated assessment of pesticides and heavy metals contamination of the environmental media in rural areas Sălişte and Copşa Mica;
  • Data bases containing information about the exposure of the population in the investigated areas, to pesticides and heavy metals;
  • One study of public need and national interest;